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Stramatel "452 MS 3003" Scoreboard

Includes a handball mode

product details
Stramatel "452 MS 3003" Scoreboard
Stramatel "452 MS 3003" Scoreboard
Stramatel "452 MS 3003" Scoreboard
Stramatel "452 MS 3003" Scoreboard
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The Stramatel "452 MS 3003" scoreboard is a multi-sport board that includes a specific handball mode.
  • For indoor use
  • Large scoreboard with a clear display
  • Main functions can be controlled using a tablet or smartphone
  • Anti-glare front for improved readability
  • Suitable for 14 different sports
Made in EU

Product description

Stramatel Scoreboard "452 MS 3003": Keeping Scores in Sight

The Stramatel Scoreboard "452 MS 3003" is a premier addition to any indoor sports facility, crafted from high-quality, anti-glare matte black polycarbonate for durability and visibility. Designed to accommodate 14 different sports, this electronic scoreboard makes it easy to keep track of scores, game time, timeouts, and penalty times. The large, easily visible LED digits ensure that score and time are clear from any angle in the gymnasium. Adding to its convenience, the scoreboard comes with two radio-controlled consoles allowing for swift adjustments. Moreover, the Stramatel Multisport App extends functionality, enabling control over key features via a smartphone or tablet (not included) and sharing sports results with ease.

  • 1 Scoreboard consisting of 2 modules
  • 1 Control console (Android compatible)
  • 1 Timer console
  • 1 Carrying case for console storage
  • 1 Power cable
  • Installation and operating instructions

Main Module Display:
  • Score: Dual 3-digit, Red (15 cm)
  • Game Period: Single digit, Green (15 cm)
  • Possession: 2 Red arrows
  • Game/Timeout Time: 4-digit, White (15 cm) + 2 flashing dots
  • Team Fouls/Penalty Time: Dual 1-digit, Yellow (15 cm)
  • Timeout or Penalty Time Count: Dual 3 green dots
  • Clock: Displays when not in game mode

Lower Module Display:
  • Penalty/Timeout Timer or Guest Set Score: Quad 3-digit, Red (12 cm) + flashing dots
  • Penalized Player Numbers or Home Set Score: Quad 2-digit, Yellow (12 cm)

  • 1 Console: (34x17.5x6 cm) with 2-line LCD display, 20 characters at 9mm
  • 1 Timer Console: 14.5x15x4 cm for timing, timeouts, signal horn
  • 1 Charger: for constant charging of radio-controlled consoles (max runtime 16 hrs)
  • Connectivity: DIN between consoles
  • USB Port: For programming updates and PC keyboard connection
  • Program: 14 sports + Free mode for additional sports
  • Multilingual program

This cutting-edge Stramatel Scoreboard "452 MS 3003" is a versatile and reliable choice for displaying game information clearly and efficiently. Perfect for a wide range of sports, it ensures that spectators and players alike stay informed throughout the game. With its durable construction and easy-to-use features, this scoreboard is an essential addition to any sports facility looking to enhance their game-time experience.

Discover the Stramatel Scoreboard "452 MS 3003", the ultimate solution for keeping track of sports scores and times. Boasting versatility across 14 different sports and intuitive controls, it ensures every game is accurately monitored for an unbeatable spectator and player experience.
One scoreboard for many sports
Whether it’s for handball, football or volleyball – with the Stramatel "452 MS 3003" scoreboard, you only need one device. The large display offers 14 completely programmed sports, which can be selected using the control panel. The scoreboard can be used for the following sports: badminton, basketball, boxing, ice hockey, indoor football / futsal, handball, inline hockey, netball, roller hockey, tennis, table tennis, floorball, volleyball as well as a free mode and a timing/training mode.

Cable- or radio-controlled:
Radio-controlled scoreboards are easier to install and give the user greater freedom of movement. The new radio-controlled system from Stramatel works on a standardised radio frequency to guarantee a high level of reliability and functionality. All models are available as cable-controlled. This option is recommended in some cases, particularly when the level of play is high. Regardless of transmission type, several scoreboards can be used in one sports hall at the same time.

The scoreboards are quick and easy to install. Radio-controlled scoreboards only require a mains supply (230 V). Cable-controlled models require a mains supply and the installation of a control cable, which is included.

The Stramatel "Multisport" Android app – easy to use
Stramatel has developed an app for your scoreboard, giving you convenient access to the main functions of your radio- or cable-controlled scoreboard via your smartphone or tablet. You can also share all of your match stats on social media (Facebook, Twitter) during the game or after the final whistle. The control panel is user-friendly, intuitive and fun. Simply download the free "Stramatel Multisport" app from Google Play.

Always keep track of the score – order your Stramatel "452 MS 3003" scoreboard now.

Technical Details

Type of sport
Handball, Multiple sports
Impact-resistant, Wall-mounted scoreboard
Area of use
150×150×9 cm
36 kg
Number of digits
33 digits
Digit height
15 cm
Range of vision
Up to 60 m
Viewing angle
Power supply
Mains operated
State when delivered
Ready for assembly

Delivery information

  • The goods will be delivered to the kerbside only.
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