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Power Shot "Öko-Pelota" Backpack

product details
Power Shot "Öko-Pelota" Backpack
Power Shot "Öko-Pelota" Backpack
Power Shot "Öko-Pelota" Backpack
Power Shot "Öko-Pelota" Backpack
Power Shot "Öko-Pelota" Backpack
Power Shot "Öko-Pelota" Backpack
Power Shot "Öko-Pelota" Backpack
Power Shot "Öko-Pelota" Backpack
Power Shot "Öko-Pelota" Backpack
Power Shot "Öko-Pelota" Backpack
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Product description

Power Shot Backpack "Eco-Pelota" – Your Go-To for Easy Carrying

The Power Shot "Eco-Pelota" Backpack is a testimony to both style and sustainability, crafted entirely from recycled polyester. It is augmented with a waterproof base, ensuring that your belongings remain dry and secure, no matter the weather conditions. The backpack's dimensions, standing at 48x32x16 cm, and its lightweight nature, weighing in at approximately 900 g, make it an exceptionally comfortable carry for daily use. Its 25-liter capacity is ample for accommodating all essential gear, making it a versatile choice for sports enthusiasts and everyday adventurers alike. An added bonus is the backpack's striking red and black design, enhanced with reflective stripes. This feature not only adds a dash of style but also ensures visibility in low-light conditions, enhancing safety.

  • Material: 100% recycled polyester
  • Dimensions: 48x32x16 cm
  • Weight: Approx. 900 g
  • Color: Red-Black
  • Key features include a waterproof base, a 25-liter capacity, a light and comfortable design, and enhanced visibility with reflective stripes.

The Power Shot "Eco-Pelota" Backpack is the perfect blend of functionality and eco-friendliness, making it an ideal choice for those looking to combine convenience with a commitment to sustainability. With its spacious design and safety features, it stands out as a prime selection for carrying all your essential items.

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