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Trenas "Jaxpander" Javelin Training Device

Expander for javelin training

product details
Trenas "Jaxpander" Javelin Training Device
Trenas "Jaxpander" Javelin Training Device
Trenas "Jaxpander" Javelin Training Device
Trenas "Jaxpander" Javelin Training Device
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The Trenas Jaxpander is a special training aid for javelin throwers of all ages.
  • Ideal for improving javelin technique
  • 3 elasticated bands with snap hooks
  • 7 possible resistance levels
Made in Germany

Product description

Trenas Jaxpander: an innovative training aid for improved javelin skills
The Trenas Jaxpander offers excellent training options for athletes of all ages and genders. It can be used for both improving javelin technique and for general or sport-specific strength training. Made of high-quality materials, the device is extremely robust. The Jaxpander essentially consists of three elastic tubes which are firmly attached to a stainless-steel shaft/handle. Each tube has a different resistance level (low, medium and high) and they can be combined in 7 different ways to create 7 different resistance levels. The resistance can also be adjusted by using different attachment points – the further away, the higher the resistance.

Product information
  • Material, shaft: stainless steel
  • Length, elastic tubes: 3 m
  • Thickness, elastic tubes: 6, 8 and 10 mm
Easy to use: just attach and start training
The Trenas Jaxpander consists of a handle with 3 elastic tubes, each with a different resistance level. Depending on your requirements, these can be attached to a fence, wall bars or similar – either individually or together. The athlete then grips the handle in the same way they would hold a ‘normal’ javelin, so they can accurately practise their javelin throw technique.

Improve your javelin technique – order the Trenas Jaxpander now.

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