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Health focused sports

Exercising – to improve and maintain mobility

Health and fitness activities get people moving. The aim? To use behaviour- and health-focused exercise programmes to prevent health problems. At Sport-Thieme, you’ll find a wide selection of sport and fitness products for exercising in clubs, gyms, physiotherapy clinics as well as in rehabilitation or health centres.

Incorporating fun exercising into people’s everyday lives Health and fitness is becoming increasingly important because people are less and less active. In particular, people who spend a lot of time sat down at work barely stimulate their muscles or motor systems – with consequences ranging from obesity or joint and back problems all the way to heart and circulatory diseases as well as metabolic disorders. This means it’s all the more important to get people moving again using targeted programmes. And even more important still to raise people’s awareness of health – by making exercising an integral part of their everyday lives. But to keep people motivated it is also important that exercising is fun. So, why not have a look at our online shop and discover a wide selection of the latest exercise products. Different types of exercising There are many health and fitness exercises: they include cardiovascular and circulatory training, spinal, balance and coordination exercises as well as strength, endurance and stretching exercises. Browse our online shop to discover hygienic and high-quality exercise mats, sitting balls and sitting cushions for back training as well as elasticated resistance bands and exercise stools. We also stock high-quality balance and coordination products, including balance pads, beams, hedgehogs and discs. Save money with our sets for clubs and organisations. At Sport-Thieme, you’ll find everything you need to stay fit and healthy.

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