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Sport-Thieme "Vita-Roll"

Perfect combination of fasciae training and spinal exercises

product details
Sport-Thieme "Vita-Roll" Rosewood
Sport-Thieme "Vita-Roll" Pearl
Sport-Thieme "Vita-Roll" Pink
Sport-Thieme "Vita-Roll" Rosewood
Sport-Thieme "Vita-Roll" Rosewood
Sport-Thieme "Vita-Roll" Rosewood
Sport-Thieme "Vita-Roll" Rosewood
Sport-Thieme "Vita-Roll" Rosewood
Sport-Thieme "Vita-Roll" Pink
Sport-Thieme "Vita-Roll" Rosewood Rosewood
Sport-Thieme "Vita-Roll" Pearl Pearl
Sport-Thieme "Vita-Roll" Pink Pink
Sport-Thieme "Vita-Roll" Rosewood
Sport-Thieme "Vita-Roll" Rosewood
Sport-Thieme "Vita-Roll" Rosewood
Sport-Thieme "Vita-Roll" Rosewood
Sport-Thieme "Vita-Roll" Rosewood
Sport-Thieme "Vita-Roll" Pink
Colour Price ( Each ) Delivery date Quantity ( Each )
Sport-Thieme "Vita-Roll" Rosewood Rosewood W0-622635301 * € 92.39
Leaves warehouse on Tue. 27.04.
Sport-Thieme "Vita-Roll" Pearl Pearl W0-622635314 * € 92.39
Leaves warehouse on Thu. 15.04.
Sport-Thieme "Vita-Roll" Pink Pink W0-622635327 * € 92.39
Leaves warehouse on Thu. 15.04.

Experience the versatility of the Sport-Thieme "Vita-Roll": use the gymnastics roll for stretching and bending exercises for the spine, or as a positional aid to elevate the legs, even as a play and movement element for children.
  • Versatile roll for gymnastics, therapy and sport
  • Cover made from durable, low-maintenance, artificial leather
  • Orthopaedically healthy seat

Product description

The Sport-Thieme "Vita-Roll" with ergonomic dimensions
The Sport-Thieme "Vita-Roll" has special dimensions that make it ideal for back exercises. With its sturdy core at least four vertebrae are always supported while bending in a healthy manner and gravity simultaneously ensures a natural stretching of the joints like massage and the strengthening of supportive musculature.

The roll has a solid core and as a result you can use it like a stool or bean bag or even a practical side table.

Product information:
  • Material: PU foam with solid core
  • Cover: durable artificial leather (100% polychloride)
  • Colour: rosewood
  • ø 40 cm, H: 48 cm
The Sport-Thieme® "Vita-Roll" is indispensable anywhere
The practical "Vita-Roll" is a credit to its name as you can use the roll in many aspects of life: do your back some good – be it as an ergonomic seat, to elevate the legs or as a gymnastics element for sport, therapy and rehabilitation. The firm roll is a hit with children: in children's sport in nurseries, in schools or clubs it is a popular element for movement courses, as well as for therapeutic uses. If you don't want to use the "Vita-Roll" you can simply put it in the living room as a small side table.

Get your hands on the Sport-Thieme "Vita-Roll" now.

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Sport-Thieme "Vita-Roll"

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super Rolle

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Bought on: 10 March 2021

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