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"Elephant" Cylinder Swing

product details
"Elephant" Cylinder Swing ø 25 cm
"Elephant" Cylinder Swing ø 25 cm
"Elephant" Cylinder Swing ø 25 cm ø 25 cm
"Elephant" Cylinder Swing ø 25 cm
Size Price ( Each ) Delivery date Quantity ( Each )
"Elephant" Cylinder Swing ø 25 cm ø 25 cm W0-622050209 * € 436.13
Leaves warehouse on Sat. 06.11.
"Elephant" Cylinder Swing ø 35 cm ø 35 cm W0-622050212 * € 478.15
Leaves warehouse on Sat. 06.11.
Accessories W0-622050209 (ø 25 cm)

The "Elephant" cylinder swing is an effective therapy swing for sensory integration.
  • Easy to hold or cling onto
  • Very stable position
  • Comfortable sitting or lying down

Product description

The elephant cylinder swing: with various suspension options
The elephant cylinder swing consists of a soft padded cylinder which is easy to hold and cling onto. When suspended from 4 points, the swing is very stable and your patients' confidence and feeling of security will quickly grow. More dynamic movements can be created when the swing is suspended from 2 points, allowing the cylinder to turn. This promotes the development of muscle tone. If all 4 ropes are suspended from the same point then rotational movements are also possible.

Product information:
  • Length: 120 cm
  • Cover made from artificial leather (outer material: 100% polychloride)
  • ø 25 cm: approx. 14 kg
  • ø 35 cm: approx. 16 kg

Available colours: (please indicate your choice of colour when ordering)
  • Sand
  • Platinum
  • Avocado
  • Mustard
  • Terracotta
  • Poppy
  • Royal blue

The suspension ropes must be ordered separately.
In order to suspend the "Elephant" cylinder swing, you will need either 2 or 4 adjustable ropes – product no. 2050935.
The comfortable therapy swing for sitting or lying down on. Don't miss out and order the "Elephant" cylinder swing today.