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"Textimemo" Tactile Memory Game

The game to get to grips with

product details
"Textimemo" Tactile Memory Game
"Textimemo" Tactile Memory Game
"Textimemo" Tactile Memory Game
"Textimemo" Tactile Memory Game
"Textimemo" Tactile Memory Game
"Textimemo" Tactile Memory Game
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* € 29.95
AVAILABILITY: Leaves warehouse on Mon. 02.03.
In "Textimemo", it’s all about getting to grips with your fingertips as children feel the different tactile surfaces on the hunt for matching pairs.
  • The memory game for your hands
  • 16 panels – 8 pairs with different surfaces
  • Incl. practical wooden box
"Textimemo" – feel and understand
The "Textimemo" tactile memory game is a perception-based memory game where children have to find the matching pairs by touching, feeling and comparing the different surface textures. The "Textimemo" tactile memory game consists of 16 rectangular wooden panels with material covers, with a matching pair for each material. The pairs are also identical in colour or pattern. The "Textimemo" tactile memory game is perfect for use in nurseries, primary schools and therapeutic centres, and helps children develop their skills of perception.

Product information:
  • Panels included: 2x smooth plastic, 2x non-slip fabric, 2x hooks, 2x loops, 2x cotton, 2x sandpaper, 2x velvet, 2x Cordura fabric (rough-surfaced fabric)
  • Dimensions per panel (LxWxH): 15x11.4x1 cm
  • Wooden-framed panels with different surfaces
  • Incl. wooden box
"Textimemo" – a game for the hands and the head
The "Textimemo" tactile memory game is great for helping to develop perception. children learn to feel different surfaces and compare them with one another, identifying differences and similarities. It’s particularly enjoyable to imagine and describe the textures of the surfaces. The tactile game is great fun for kids and helps them to develop their sense of perception and their imagination.

Get your hands on the "Textimemo" tactile memory game from Sport-Thieme.

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