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Sensory Integration

Sensory integration: promoting development through play

Sensory integration is one of the most important therapeutic approaches within occupational therapy. It includes perception, processing and interaction of sensory stimuli. At Sport-Thieme, you’ll find a wide range of professional aids for sensory integration therapy such as swings, climbing apparatuses, ball runs or hammocks.

The origins of SI therapy
Sensory integration therapy originates from the American developmental psychologist A. Jean Ayres. She describes tactile and vestibular perception as the basic senses that already start to develop during pregnancy. If any disruption occurs here and the interaction of the different senses doesn’t function as it should (sensory integration dysfunctions), developmental and behavioural disorders can arise. Sensory integration, SI for short, aims to apply targeted stimulation to affected areas. It aims to motivate patients to become active themselves and to catch up on developmental delays. Sensory integration can also be used in learning therapy.

Professional equipment for your SI room
SI specialists in occupational therapy practices can source professional equipment for promoting sensory integration from Sport-Thieme. Various swing systems and climbing apparatuses help to develop perception and motor functions. Fun tasks motivate patients to explore and to take action themselves. Platform swings or riding position swings offer a variety of possibilities. Equipment such as ball pools, slides or motor skills centres are also used for developmental support within sensory integration. Buy everything for your SI practice in Sport-Thieme’s SI shop. We would be pleased to advise you on the complete fit-out of your new practice or SI room.