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Sport-Thieme "Fall Prevention" Set

product details
Sport-Thieme "Fall Prevention" Set
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The fall prevention set was put together following recommendations from the AOK (a German health insurance company). The set contains different aids for use in group balance, coordination and muscle development exercises. The exercises help elderly people to increase their stability and strength, provide surety and reduce the risk of falls.
  • A fall prevention set put together following recommendations from the AOK
  • Prevents falls by developing strength, coordination and balance
  • Selected materials for use in instructed groups
  • Use: balance, coordination and muscle development training with seniors
  • For inpatient care facilities or outpatient fall prevention groups

Product description

The fall prevention set: equipment for balance and strength training for senior groups
The fall prevention set was assembled from a range of suitable, small pieces of equipment for balance and strength training following recommendations from the AOK (a German health insurance company). As fall prevention courses divide their content between balance and strength training, the equipment provided in this set has been organised to match. As such it includes beanbags, gymnastics ropes, balls and gymnastics matts which are primarily used in balance and coordination exercises. For example, attendees can attempt to balance on the gymnastics ropes or use their foot to draw figures with them. Using the dumbbells they can increase strength in their arms and upper body thereby improving their grip and ability to brace themselves.

The fall prevention set has almost everything an instructor and group need for targeted fall prevention. In addition to the set, all you will need is a large exercise room as well as 2 stable chairs per person. The chairs should be arranged into 2 circles, one inside the other, with the backrests of the chairs in front of the user acting as support they can grip if necessary. The set has been designed for use in any fall prevention course – regardless of whether it’s in care facilities, clubs, health centres or community centres.
Fall prevention training – maintain quality of life in the elderly
Falls and the injuries they cause are the biggest cause of a lack of independence for elderly people. One reason for this is the fear of falling again and the fear of movement that comes with it. Another reason is a person being placed into a care home as a precautionary measure by their relatives. A fall therefore has a psychological effect as well as the obvious physical repercussions. Those affected often come across as withdrawn due to fear and avoid movements that make them feel unsteady – as such it is not age that is the reason for the high number of falls amongst the elderly. In fact, the risk of falling is due to a failing sense of balance and waning muscle strength. These come with age, however they also stem from a lack of movement. That means, those who stay active in their later years, keep moving and stay fit, considerably reduce their risk of falling and maintain their zest for life and independence. To see positive results, physical activities for the elderly should focus on balance and strength training as well as improving reactions and coordination: in other words, everything you can train with the fall prevention set.

Fall prevention training helps elderly people to attain an increased level of surety and independence in everyday life as well as taking the pressure off care staff. Provide elderly people with the opportunity to improve their mobility and hold onto their zest for life with the fall prevention set!

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