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Haidig Jungle Bridge

Balance on a hanging bridge

product details
Haidig Jungle Bridge
Haidig Jungle Bridge
Haidig Jungle Bridge
Haidig Jungle Bridge
Haidig Jungle Bridge
Haidig Jungle Bridge
Haidig Jungle Bridge
Haidig Jungle Bridge
Haidig Jungle Bridge
Haidig Jungle Bridge
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Kids just love the Haidig jungle bridge, which they can climb over again and again. Turn your gymnastics lessons into an exciting adventure in no time!
  • Trains dexterity, perception and coordination
  • Can be assembled in 4 different ways with varying levels of difficulty
  • For 2- or 4-point suspension
  • Max. load: 150 kg
  • Lenght: 250 cm

Product description

The jungle bars – exciting and challenging balancing fun for children
With the jungle bars, you can increase the challenge for children by means of 4 different versions: you can attach the jungle bars to the ceiling using a 2-point or 4-point attachment. With the 4-point attachment, the swinging motion is calmer, whilst the 2-point attachment makes it more dynamic and therefore a greater challenge. You can also choose between walking along the continuous beam or 4 foot panels, each held by 2 ropes that are securely fastened to the foot panels via 2 recesses on the sides.

Product information:
  • Complete with wooden bars, cross rails, footbridge, foot panels and 4x adjustable 150-cm hanging ropes
  • Length: 250 cm
The Haidig jungle bridge – help to improve your children’s motor skills and coordination
The jungle bridge will bring some diversity to any nursery, school or club activity. Children love balancing their way across the dynamic bridge or on the individual planks. This stimulates not only the vestibular perception, but also the kinaesthetic-proprioceptive perception with the sense of position, strength and movement. The jungle bridge is therefore ideal for encouraging activity in children and for use in integrative and therapeutic facilities. Support the development of movement planning and body coordination in children as well as developing muscle tone and improving agility.

Get your Haidig jungle bridge online from Sport-Thieme.

Technical Details

250 cm
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