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MFT Sport Disc

Great combination of disc and rocking board

product details
MFT Sport Disc

Increases strength and endurance
Improves reactions

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Use the MFT sport disc to increase your body's strength and stamina. Improve reactions and technique specific to your sport. The large base and the additional rocking/tilting parts are all you need for multi-functional training.
  • The multi-functional training product
  • Ideal for strength, stamina and coordination training
  • Improve your response times
  • Unstable base makes workouts significantly more effective
Ausdauer, Kraft, Koordination Koordinationstraining - Level 3 Übungsanleitung inkl.

Product description

The training aid for the whole body – the MFT® sport disc
The MFT sport disc is the optimal training aid for multi-functional training for therapy and intensive training centres, gyms, therapy gymnastics, personal training and exercising at home. The MFT sport disc brilliantly combines a rocking board and a disc with additional tilting plates for your feet. As a result, this fitness product offers a wide variety of whole-body training opportunities. Thanks to the varied rocking and tilting elements you can vary the demands of your workouts. This makes the versatile balance trainer ideal for use in gyms and and for therapeutic purposes. The MFT sport disc allows you to improve your coordination and fine motor skills for nearly all sports – whether for team sports like football or handball or individual sports like golf.

Product information:
  • Disc: ø 50 cm
  • Supplied with 2 tilting plates
  • Includes a DVD of exercise instructions
  • Can hold up to 120 kg

Keep fit and healthy using the MFT sport disc
The MFT Sport disc makes training significantly more effective as the body has to counteract the unstable platform in order to keep it balanced. This encourages coordination and balance and strengthens balance and joints. Rocking forwards or to the side, turning around and twisting trains your movements along the 3 different movement axes (longitudinal, depth and horizontal axes). Exercising in each position always involves a change in mobilisation and stabilisation, and ensures perfect coordination.
The DVD (in German only) includes a variety of exercises for the whole body. In addition to the DVD and the basic training plan, you can download free training programmes for football, skiing, golf, running and cycling.

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MFT Sport Disc

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Disc Hoher Spaßfaktor - sehr effektives Training- Gleichgewichtsschulung -für alle Sportarten geeignet - Grundfähigkeiten welche im Erwachsenenalter wieder verloren gehen können damit super geschult werden. Spezielle persönliche Erfahrung: 5 Wochen nach vorderer Kreuzbandplastik sehr gut und effektiv anwendbar zu gezieltem koordinativen Training, Wiederherstellung der muskulären Reaktionsbereitschaft, Propriozeption.

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