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LR "Textitakt" Tactile Memory Game

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product details
LR "Textitakt" Tactile Memory Game
LR "Textitakt" Tactile Memory Game
LR "Textitakt" Tactile Memory Game
LR "Textitakt" Tactile Memory Game
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The LR "Textitakt" tactile memory game is a fun and practical way to help children discover and develop their sense of touch.
  • Tactile memory game
  • 10 pairs with different surfaces
  • For touching, feeling and recognising.

Product description

Scratchy, slippery, silky, or soft? Young learners build tactile awareness, vocabulary, matching and communication skills as they interact with these twenty textured squares (ten different pairs). Each textured pillow or patch measures approximately 6 cm, perfect for small hands! Cloth drawstring storage bag and activity guide included.
Lots of different games
The LR "Textitakt" tactile memory game can be used to play a variety of games. One example is Feel and Find. For this game you first need to split up the 10 textured squares – place one square from each pair on the table and keep the matching partners in the bag. The child picks one of the squares on the table. They then have to find its matching partner in the bag using just their sense of touch.

Help children discover and develop their sense of touch in a fun way. Order the LR "Textitakt" tactile memory game today.

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LR "Textitakt" Tactile Memory Game

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Bought on: 6 January 2019