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Pertra "Mathematics" Box

product details
Pertra "Mathematics" Box
Pertra "Mathematics" Box
Pertra "Mathematics" Box
Pertra "Mathematics" Box
Pertra "Mathematics" Box
Pertra "Mathematics" Box
Pertra "Mathematics" Box
Pertra "Mathematics" Box
Pertra "Mathematics" Box
Pertra "Mathematics" Box
Pertra "Mathematics" Box
Pertra "Mathematics" Box
Pertra "Mathematics" Box
Pertra "Mathematics" Box
Pertra "Mathematics" Box
Pertra "Mathematics" Box
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The Pertra "Mathematics" box helps children practise the basics needed to learn mathematical skills.
  • Targeted training of preparatory skills
  • Learning aim: mathematical skills
  • Encourages and improves visual perception

Product description

The Pertra "Mathematics" Box – improve preparatory skills
Maths causes problems for more and more children. According to the IGLU study, after leaving primary school 20% of children only possess Year-2-level mathematical knowledge. These problems can often be attributed to gaps in preparatory mathematical skills. A child needs to learn basic mathematical skills prior to starting school. With the Pertra "Mathematics" box, these skills can be trained in a targeted way.

Main focus areas:
  • Comparison
  • Seriation
  • Quantity invariance
  • Order
  • Classification
  • Simultaneous observation of quantities
  • Counting ability
  • Numeracy
  • Learning Arabic numerals
  • Concept of number
  • Memory capacity

Product information:
  • Box: 65x44x9 cm
  • 440 pieces
  • "Mathematics" base board not included
Exercise examples for the Pertra "Mathematics" box

Exercise 1 "Assessing lengths":
In this exercise to develop preparatory mathematical skills, the child has to sort the pieces into increasing sizes and assess their length visually. The pieces are not arranged on a base line, inserting the base grid helps the child with their assessment.

Exercise 2 "Number line":
Understanding where a figure falls on the number line is an important prerequisite for working with numbers. The child is presented with a selection of numbers (with numbers up to 20 for children aged 7–8, up to 100 for children aged 8–9, and over 100 for children aged 9+). The child has to find each of the numbers on the number line and mark it with a paper clip.

Exercise 3 "Number knowledge":
An exercise in recognising Arabic numerals – The numbers 1–9 are placed randomly into the frame used for the number line exercise. The inserts used in the number line exercise are then placed beneath each number, with the side containing milled grooves facing upwards. The child has to place the correct quantity of steel balls beneath each number.

Exercise 4 "Visualising operations":
Visualising mathematical operations helps children to grasp mental calculations. The child places pins for the exercise (e.g. 4×5) into the 10×10 grid and experience quantities. The operation can then be replicated on the results table and the answer can be read off.

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