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Pertra "Dexterity" Box

Grasp the world with your hands

product details
Pertra "Dexterity" Box
Pertra "Dexterity" Box
Pertra "Dexterity" Box
Pertra "Dexterity" Box
Pertra "Dexterity" Box
Pertra "Dexterity" Box
Pertra "Dexterity" Box
Pertra "Dexterity" Box
Pertra "Dexterity" Box
Pertra "Dexterity" Box
Pertra "Dexterity" Box
Pertra "Dexterity" Box
Pertra "Dexterity" Box
Pertra "Dexterity" Box
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The Pertra "Dexterity" box allows you to practise all kinds of grips as well as dexterity in general.
  • Touching and feeling
  • You train all holds and hand agility
  • Suitable for hand rehabilitation

Product description

The Pertra "Dexterity" Box: perception with the hands
The child gets a sense of their surroundings through touching and feeling. These experiences are the basis for many other development processes.
The wide range of possible exercises (static and dynamic grips, manipulation ability, finger strength regulation etc.) also makes this box suitable for use in hand rehabilitation.

Main focus areas:
  • Spatial-positional recognition
  • Recognising spatial relationships
  • Spatial constructive skills
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Strength regulation
  • Movement planning
  • Fluency of movement

Product information:
  • Box: 65x44x9 cm
  • 1122 pieces
  • Base board not included
Example exercises for the Pertra "Dexterity" box

Exercise 1 "Copy the template":
A template is created on the base board using wooden rods and rubber bands. The child then has to copy the template, using their fingers to stretch the rubber bands over the wooden rods. This exercise trains the user’s ability to spread their hand open, as well as finger strength and dexterity.

Exercise 2 "Four in a row":
2 pins of each colour are inserted into the base board. The child and therapist now take it in turns to insert a pin, to a maximum of 4 in a row. The first person to create a row of 4 pins with the same colour (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) wins.

Exercise 3 "Braiding":
The child uses the coloured ropes to create a braid. This practises their dexterity as well as their ability to follow a sequence. The exercise therefore also helps to train their hand-eye coordination and concentration.

Exercise 4 "Turning and threading":
Use the spinning top and dice to determine the number and colour of the beads to be threaded onto the rods inserted into the base board. By the end of the exercise, each rod must only have 1 of each coloured bead threaded onto it. This exercise provides experience changing from a dynamic (spinning top) three-point grip to a static one (threading the beads).

The versatile Pertra box for nurseries, schools, integrative centres and rehabilitation – buy the Pertra "Dexterity" box from Sport-Thieme now.

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