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Pertra "Relation" Box

product details
Pertra "Relation" Box
Pertra "Relation" Box
Pertra "Relation" Box
Pertra "Relation" Box
Pertra "Relation" Box
Pertra "Relation" Box
Pertra "Relation" Box
Pertra "Relation" Box
Pertra "Relation" Box
Pertra "Relation" Box
Pertra "Relation" Box
Pertra "Relation" Box
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Pertra "Relation" box: the relationship between the individual elements becomes apparent by recreating the spatial figures. Improves spatial/positional perception, recognition of spatial relationships and figure/ground differentiation.
  • Learning aim: recognising spatial relationships, transfer ability
  • Develops the ability to differentiate between figures
  • Spatial/positional perception

Product description

Main focus areas:
  • Spatial/positional recognition
  • Recognition of spatial relationships
  • Figure/ground differentiation

Product information:
  • Box: 65x44x9 cm
  • 116 pieces
  • Base board not included
Example exercises for the Pertra® "Relation" box

Exercise 1 "Arranging shapes":
Overlapping shapes are drawn on a pad of paper. The child has to arrange the shapes using the pieces from the box. To start off with, the entirety of all of the shapes is clearly visible. Next, the pieces are laid on top of each other. However, the lines where the shapes overlap are still visible. The final and most difficult stage only displays the outline of the combined shape – now the child has to work out which basic shapes to use too.

Exercise 2 "Position":
The little flags are placed on the base board at random. The red flags are used to create a template and the child then has to position the other flags to match line by line. To increase the level of difficulty you can call out targets on the board, e.g. “Position your flags so that they point to the bottom left.”

Exercise 3 "Replicate":
The base board is divided into 2 halves using a central line. A pre-made shape is placed on the left-hand side of the board and the child has to replicate the shape. While doing so, they don’t have to worry about keeping the colours the same.

Exercise 4 "Mirror":
The base board is divided into 2 halves using a central line and the ball-headed pins are inserted into the holes. In the top left and top right corners of the board, there is a round pin with a slot for attaching the elasticated cord so it can be stretched over ball-headed pins. The child has to use the cord on the right-hand side of the board to mirror the pattern created by the cord on the left-hand side.

The developmental material for nurseries, schools & occupational therapy – order the Pertra "Relation" box now.

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