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Pertra "Discrimination" Box

Learn to recognise similarities and differences

product details
Pertra "Discrimination" Box
Pertra "Discrimination" Box
Pertra "Discrimination" Box
Pertra "Discrimination" Box
Pertra "Discrimination" Box
Pertra "Discrimination" Box
Pertra "Discrimination" Box
Pertra "Discrimination" Box
Pertra "Discrimination" Box
Pertra "Discrimination" Box
Pertra "Discrimination" Box
Pertra "Discrimination" Box
Pertra "Discrimination" Box
Pertra "Discrimination" Box
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By sorting the beads according to qualities such as colour, shape or size, users improve their awareness of similarity and difference. Incorporating, remembering and threading template chains helps to develop a retentive memory and hand-eye coordination.
  • Ergonomically optimised shape with a wide hand surface
  • Established and clever training
  • Learning aim: recognising similarities and differences

Product description

Searching for characteristics is an important requirement for targeted action.

Main focus areas:
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Figure-ground differentiation
  • Perception
  • Searching for characteristics
  • Memory performance

Product information:
  • Box: 65x44x9 cm
  • 196 pieces
  • Base board not included
Example exercises for the Pertra "Discrimination" box
The child learns the basics of classification in a cycle of exercises. Depending on the task, the child must highlight inclusive criteria and suppress the two other characteristics as ‘disruptive stimuli’. The suppression of these stimuli is a key requirement for attention performance.

Exercise 1: "Threading according to criteria"
  • Threading according to specified colour: size and shape are disregarded
  • Threading according to specified shape: size and colour are disregarded
  • Threading according to specified size: colour and shape are disregarded

Exercise 2: "Allocation into groups"
A variety of beads are placed on the base board and the child is tasked with distributing them into 3 groups. They must first find the discriminating characteristic (colour) and distribute the beads accordingly.

Exercise 3: "Fill in the blanks"
Beads are threaded onto 4 rods on the base board. The pattern varies in some way from rod to rod. One bead is missing on rods 3 and 4. The child must identify the missing bead and allocate it accordingly.

Exercise 4: "Sorting"
The child must transport the discs, which are stacked according to size, onto another rod. In the process, the discs must be moved one at a time and a larger disc must never be placed on top of a smaller one. This exercise improves hand-eye coordination and skill.

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