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Boomwhackers Basic School Set

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Boomwhackers Basic School Set
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The Boomwhackers basic school set offers plenty of possibilities for early musical education in nurseries and school music lessons.
  • Ideal for making music in groups
  • School set containing a total of 28 Boomwhackers
  • With 2 sets of octavator caps (16 in total)
  • Helps to develop an ear for music and a sense of timing
  • Incl. handy carrying and storage bag
Boomwhackers basic school set: a practical way to teach and learn about music
The Boomswhackers basic school set inspires children and teenagers to get into music. The set consists of 28 plastic Boomwhacker tubes – 3x C, 1x C#, 3x D, 1x D#, 3x E, 2x F, 2x F#, 3x G, 1x G#, 3x A, 2x A#/Bb, 2x B/H and 2x C. The Boomwhackers are colour-coded. The shorter the plastic tube, the higher the sound. Also included are 2 sets of octavator caps (16 in total). Simply put the caps on one end of the tube to tune it one octave lower. The practical Boomwhackers bag, which comes supplied, is ideal for storage and transport.

Boomwhackers basic school set: allowing anyone to make music together
The basic school set makes it possible for anyone to create music. In order to play melodies in a group, it is necessary to distribute them. Everyone can play a maximum of 2 Boomwhackers. The musicians learn to use them at the right time and pick up the basics of melody and rhythm, for example, whilst also having fun. Group awareness can also be improved. This opens up many other possibilities for use – from team building to therapy.

Product information:
  • Set of 28 plastic Boomwhackers – 3x C, 1x C#, 3x D, 1x D#, 3x E, 2x F, 2x F#, 3x G, 1x G#, 3x A, 2x A#/Bb, 2x B/H, 2x C, 16 octavator caps, 1 Boomwhackers bag
Boomwhackers basic school set – sounds good!
The 'whack' in 'Boomwhacker' describes how the sound is produced: the plastic tubes can be drummed against each other, on the floor or on a surface such as the edge of a table. Depending on the material you whack, the timbre changes but the tone stays the same. Placing the octavator cap on a tube tunes it to one octave lower.

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