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Sport-Thieme "Professional" Parallel Bars

product details
Sport-Thieme "Professional" Parallel Bars
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The "Professional" parallel bars can be quickly and easily adjusted to suit the patient’s needs.
  • Sturdy, fixed parallel bars
  • Aisle width adjustable from 36-87 cm
  • Bars height-adjustable from 50-90 cm

Product description

The "Professional" parallel bars: for professional use in rehabilitation and therapy
The Sport-Thieme "Professional" parallel bars are fixed in place. Perfect for daily use in rehabilitation and therapy institutions. You can enter and leave the bars via gently sloped aluminium ramps made from a chequered plate – particularly practical for wheelchair users.

Safe access
The surface of the wooden platform is covered with non-slip rubber, allowing it to be used safely. The bars' height can be adjusted between 50 and 90 cm. The bars have a diameter of 40 mm and can also be gripped well by children's hands, meaning that the "Professional" parallel bars are an excellent choice for adults, teenagers and children alike. The width of the bars is adjustable from 36–87 cm, while the handrail can be turned by 360 degrees.

Product information
  • Material: steel coated with epoxy resin, non-slip rubber on ramp
  • Platform dimensions (L×W×H): 400×62×3 cm
  • Aisle width is adjustable from 36–87 cm
  • Bar is height-adjustable from 50–90 cm
  • Bar diameter: 40 mm
  • Bar thickness: 3 mm
  • Max. user weight: 100 kg
"Professional" parallel bars: for adults and children alike
The "Professional" parallel bars are used to help restore and maintain mobility. They are great following an operation or accident to retrain the ability to walk and its associated motion sequences. They can also be used in fall prevention to develop surefootedness. The bars can be adapted to suit the individual needs of each patient, regardless of whether they are a child or an adult.

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