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TheraBeans Set

For highly effective muscle training

product details
TheraBeans Set
TheraBeans Set
TheraBeans Set
TheraBeans Set
TheraBeans Set
TheraBeans Set
TheraBeans Set
TheraBeans Set
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The set of TheraBeans contains everything that you need to start using the beans straightaway for therapeutic purposes in your practice. The practical acrylic box is filled with 50 litres of TheraBeans – ideal for all arm and lower leg exercises.
  • Set with 30 kg of TheraBeans and acrylic box
  • Highly effective muscle training for hands, forearms, feet and lower legs
  • Hygienic plastic beans offer even resistance
  • Machine washable at 30°C and can be disinfected
  • Includes instructions for use and exercise poster

Product description

The TheraBeans set for therapy and rehabilitation
You can use the TheraBeans set for a variety of purposes in therapy and rehabilitation. The acrylic box is filled to a level that allows exercises to be completed without the TheraBeans falling out. The plastic beans are ideal for treating muscle weaknesses, for relaxation, promoting blood circulation, massage, improving metabolism and sensorimotor exercises. There are 2 different sizes of TheraBeans that are ideally suited to each other. This means that when you move them around, the flat and rounded beans have an equal, proportioned and multidirectional resistance. There is virtually no load-free phase during the exercises.

Product details for the TheraBeans set:
  • Hygienic plastic beans, made from polypropylene
  • Size of beans: 20x15 mm and 13x9 mm, mixed
  • Comes with: 30 kg of TheraBeans and acrylic box
  • Volume: 600 g of TheraBeans equates to approx. 1 litre (=10x10x10 cm), total volume of 50 litres
  • Size of acrylic box (WxHxD): 50x40x40 cm
  • Machine washable at 30°C and can be disinfected
  • Suitable for children aged 3 and above
  • PVC-free
  • Non-tainting colours
  • Incl. instructions for use and exercise poster

  • Therapy
  • Personal therapy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Orthopaedics
  • Neurology
  • Sports training
  • Psychomotor activity
  • Sensorimotor activity
  • Massage
  • Tactile perception
The set of TheraBeans for use in occupational therapy
The set of TheraBeans is ideal for use in therapeutic practices such as clinics and sports medicine facilities. The therapy beans can be used in physiotherapy as well as in occupational therapy. The plastic beans in the practical acrylic box can also be used for sensory games. Small objects such as marbles can be hidden in the TheraBeans, that then have to be found amongst the small beans using hands or feet.

The versatile set with numerous different uses – don't miss out and order the set of TheraBeans today.

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