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Table Tennis Bats

Table tennis bats for all leagues

Sport-Thieme offers table tennis bats individually or in affordable sets –ideal for schools, recreational facilities and clubs. Whether beginner, amateur or professional player: in our extensive range you will find high-quality table tennis bats with different surfaces and handles.

Table tennis bats for all leagues
The handle and the surface are important for good table tennis bats. They affect the playing properties. Different variations are suitable for different requirements. Which table tennis bat you should buy depends entirely on your needs. Handles can be straight, concave, anatomical or conical. You can easily switch between forehand and backhand with a table tennis bat with a straight handle. Therefore, they are very popular with defensive players. Concave, anatomical or conical shapes however sit better in the hand and are suitable for offensive players and beginners.

Table tennis bats: Surfaces
Table tennis bats have different surfaces. Only surfaces approved by the Table Tennis Federation ITTF are allowed for competitions. In general, there are table tennis bats with pimples pointing outwards or inwards. If the pimples point outwards it allows less spin, but a higher speed. However, table tennis bats with pimples pointing inwards allow for more rotation and more versatile strike capabilities. At Sport-Thieme you can recognise which table tennis bat is best for beginners, amateurs or experienced players by the indication A (beginner), H (amateur) or F (experienced) on the label. We also offer good table tennis bats for children in affordable sets. Moreover, at Sport-Thieme you will find weatherproof bats from robust composite materials for outdoor use.