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Sport-Thieme "Champ" Wet Line Marking Set

product details
Sport-Thieme "Champ" Wet Line Marking Set
Sport-Thieme "Champ" Wet Line Marking Set
Sport-Thieme "Champ" Wet Line Marking Set
Sport-Thieme "Champ" Wet Line Marking Set
Sport-Thieme "Champ" Wet Line Marking Set
Sport-Thieme "Champ" Wet Line Marking Set
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The set consists of 

The Sport-Thieme "Champ" wet line marking set impresses right along the line. The sturdy, weatherproof marking machine makes marking particularly easy with its electric pump system, 2 paint canisters and high-performance batteries.
  • Marking machine for hard and grass pitches
  • With a high-powered electrical pump
  • 2 paint containers, each holds 13 litres
  • 2 high-performance batteries including charger
  • Incl. long-lasting, environmentally friendly paint

Product description

The Sport-Thieme "Champ" wet line marking set: sports pitch marking with an electric pump system
The Sport-Thieme "Champ" wet line marking set consists of a marking machine and marking paint. The marking machine has 2 plastic paint canisters, that each have a 13-litre paint capacity. Alternatively, one of the containers can be filled with paint and the other with clean water which can be used later for cleaning the spray nozzles and pump. Each paint canister has its own stopcock and they can be easily removed from the frame for emptying or cleaning. The water used for cleaning can be used again the next time the machine is used, making marking even more economical. The required spray pressure of approx. 4.8 bar is generated by an electric pump (12 V, 2.1 A). The flow rate is approx. 2.6 litres per minute. There is a switch located on the handlebar which conveniently turns the pump on and off. The "Champ" wet line marking set includes a canister of biodegradable marking paint. The special paint concentrate is water-soluble, completely harmless to humans, animals and plants, and is biodegradable.

Product information:
Wet marking machine
  • Material: sturdy steel-tubing frame with weatherproof stove enamelling (powder-coated)
  • Handlebar: height adjustable
  • Line width: adjustable from 50-120 mm
  • Wheels: 4 inflatable pneumatic tyres, ø approx. 26x8.5 cm
  • Weight: approx. 25 kg

Paint containers
  • Material: plastic
  • Capacity: approx. 26 litres (2x approx. 13 litres)
  • Incl. paint funnel and sieve

Technical Details

Width of line
5-12 cm
Net weight
25 kg
Special features
Easy to clean
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Sport-Thieme "Champ" Wet Line Marking Set

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