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Full-Size Goal, 7.32x2.44 m, Portable

product details
Full-Size Goal, 7.32x2.44 m, Portable 2 m 2 m
Full-Size Goal, 7.32x2.44 m, Portable 2 m
Goal depth Price ( Each ) Delivery date Quantity ( Each )
Full-Size Goal, 7.32x2.44 m, Portable 2 m 2 m W0-621137516 * € 1394.12
from 2 each € 1352.10
Leaves warehouse on Tue. 27.12.
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The robust training goal. Portable with ground frame
  • Portable aluminium football goal
  • Goal with ground frame and net brackets
  • Can be quickly transported to any place
  • Inner goal dimensions: 7.32x2.44 m
  • Anodised matt silver
  • Certified by TÜV Austria
5 Jahre Garantie TÜV Austria GS

Product description

This goal comes with a ground frame and net brackets and can be quickly repositioned wherever it is needed for training.
  • Inner dimensions: 7.32x2.44 m
  • Anodised matt silver
  • 120x100-mm oval tubing
  • Short net brackets with supporting struts
  • Bolted crossbar/posts mitre joints
  • Net hooks covered in a tubing recess, net hooks included
  • In two versions: 1.40-m or 2-m goal depth, making it even more stable.

Goal depth 1.40 m / net recommendations:
  • 3-mm, green, polypropylene net, product code: 1160303
  • 4-mm, green, polypropylene net,
product code: 1152715 or white 1152728
  • 4-mm, green, polyester net, product code: 1153402
  • 5-mm, green, polypropylene net, product code:
1153008 or white 1153011

Goal depth 2 m / net recommendations
  • 3-mm, green, polypropylene net, product code: 1160316
  • 4-mm, green, polypropylene net, product code: 1131505 or white 1131518
Or two-colour:
Green/white, product code: 1131563
Blue/white, product code: 1131550
Red/white, product code: 1131576
Black/white, product code: 1131589
Black/yellow, product code: 1131534
Black/red, product code: 1131547

How safe is your goal?
Portable football goals are sufficiently stable if they do not tip on impact of a horizontal force of 1,100 N on the middle of the crossbar. As well as this, the German GUV public insurer stipulates the labelling of goals. A warning sign must be attached to each goal, depending on the respective standards, indicating that: the goal is exclusively designed for ball games and climbing the net or goal frame is forbidden. Depending on the design of the football goal, different weights are required to meet GUV and DIN standards. This means:
training goal (7.32x2.44 m) with 1.5-m goal depth = counter weight 170 kg
Training goal (7.32x2.44 m) with 2.0-m goal depth = counter weight 100 kg

Accessories for portable goals, with ground frames
  • Portable weights, product code: 1155479
  • Corkscrew goal anchoring, product code: 1152034
  • Safety anchoring system, product code: 1155424
  • Transportation system, product code: 1152005
  • Transportation system, article no. 1152005

Technical Details

Ausführung Netzbügel
Profil Netzbügel
Round tube (ø 30 mm)
Size of goal
7.32x2.44 m
Type of construction
Free standing
Goal construction
Bolted together
Frame material
Goal depth bottom
2.00 m
Goal depth at top
0.80 m
Profile floor frame
Oval profile (100x120 mm)
Goal frame tubing
Oval tubing (120x100 mm)
Net attachment
Net fixings, Short net brackets (ø 30 mm)
68 kg


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