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Crossminton for schools, clubs and leisure Crossminton is a fast-paced racquet sport that combines elements from badminton, squash and tennis. Crossminton is a popular game in school, club and leisure sport. At Sport-Thieme you can find a range of racquet sets, game sets, crossminton shuttles and court marking equipment.

What is crossminton?

Crossminton is a racquet sport that was officially called speed badminton until 1 January 2016. A specially developed shuttle called a speeder is used, which is returned noticeably quicker. With no net or boundaries, crossminton can be played on any surface. Crossminton is great fun regardless of whether it’s on a tennis court, street, beach, field or in a sports hall, and simply to let off steam or for heated competitions.

Crossminton: popular around the world

Crossminton (also known as speed badminton) is the right sport for those that love fast-paced rallies and action-packed racquet sports. The game is easy to learn, but, as is well-known, practice makes perfect. The game also enjoys great popularity around the world – resulting in its own organisations and competitions at a national and international level right the way through to a world championship. However, crossminton is also a great leisure and school sport for children and teenagers. Thanks to the weight of the shuttle, the game can even be played outside in windy conditions. Order everything you need for crossminton online from Sport-Thieme.