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Beach Volleyball Court Cover

Protect your court

product details
Beach Volleyball Court Cover
Article no. Price (m²) Delivery date Quantity (m²)
W0-621954409 * € 10.88
Leaves warehouse on Thu. 10.03.

The beach volleyball court cover is the perfect way to protect your court.
  • Water-permeable mesh fabric
  • Prevents sand being blown away and protects against dirt
  • Hemstitched on all sides

Product description

Beach volleyball court cover: an absolute must-have
The beach volleyball court cover is made of a water-permeable mesh fabric and protects your court perfectly, ensuring that it won’t get contaminated and that the sand won’t drift away. The tarpaulin cover can be weighed down using a steel chain, which can be fed into the cover’s edging. Sandbags would also do the job. The cover should be approx. 30 cm larger than the court on any side. Should any of the sides be longer than 10 m, the cover will be supplied in two parts for weight reasons.

Product information
  • 100% polyester
  • Weight: approx. 400 g per square metre
  • Colour: green

Covers over 100 square metres in size will be supplied in two parts.
Are you looking for a suitable cover to protect your volleyball court from dirt and other contaminants? Then buy the beach volleyball court cover now.

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