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Sport-Thieme "Fair Play" with Chain Net Basketball Unit

product details
Sport-Thieme "Fair Play" with Chain Net Basketball Unit "Outdoor" hoop
Version Price ( Set ) Delivery date Quantity ( Set )
Sport-Thieme "Fair Play" with Chain Net Basketball Unit "Outdoor" hoop "Outdoor" hoop W0-621173505 * € 1091.60
Leaves warehouse on Wed. 22.09.
Sport-Thieme "Fair Play" with Chain Net Basketball Unit "Outdoor" foldable hoop "Outdoor" foldable hoop W0-621173589 * € 1192.44
Leaves warehouse on Wed. 22.09.
Accessories W0-621173505 ("Outdoor" hoop)

The Sport-Thieme “Fair Play” basketball unit is exceptionally robust and vandalism-proof. Complete single-post unit with post, ground socket, backboard, hoop and net.
  • An extremely robust unit for public playing and sports areas
  • Absolutely weatherproof
  • Vandalism-proof
  • Hoop height 305 cm
  • Certified by TÜV Austria
10 Jahre Garantie Rollstuhl geeignet TÜV Austria GS

Product description

The Sport-Thieme “Fair Play” basketball unit – ideal for public spaces
The “Fair Play” basketball unit with chain net complies with DIN 7899 and EN 1270 and is ideally suited for use in playgrounds and public parks. It can withstand adverse conditions due to wind and weather as well as vandalism. Choose between a simple outdoor basketball hoop and a fold-down hoop.

Set consists of:
  • Basketball post
  • Basketball backboard
  • “Outdoor” basketball hoop or “Outdoor” foldable version
  • Basketball net

Basketball post:
  • Fully welded, hot-dip galvanised steel post (square tubing 15×15×0.3 cm)
  • 165 cm overhang
  • Hoop height 305 cm – official measurement
  • Includes ground socket, 60 cm long, without cover, complies with VOB DIN 18360

Basketball backboard:
  • Backboard made of aluminium profiles, 25 mm thick
  • With additional edge reinforcement
  • Board size (W×H): 120×90 cm
  • With black target rectangle
  • Absolutely weatherproof and super stable
  • Weight: approx. 17 kg

“Outdoor” basketball hoop:
  • Hoop made of solid steel, hot-dip galvanised
  • Size of basketball hoop: diameter (inner) 450 mm
  • With 12 stable ring eyelets for attaching the net
  • Closed eyelets
  • Weatherproof, ideal for outdoor use
  • Dimensions and holes for screws comply with DIN 7899

Foldable “Outdoor” basketball hoop:
  • Made of solid steel, galvanised, 20 mm thick
  • With steel reinforcement plates on sides
  • Safety net attachment in accordance with DIN standards: the net is attached using a steel wire that is threaded through the eyelets
  • The basket folds down by 30 degrees when weight is placed on it and swings back smoothly to its original position
  • Folds down when hoop is under a weight of approx. 65 kg
  • Maximum load: approx. 240 kg
  • Suitable for all nets with 12 loops
  • Complete with fixings

Basketball net:
  • Net made of galvanised chains
  • 12 loops
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Resistant to vandalism

  • Resistant to vandalism and therefore ideal for public play and sports areas
  • Absolutely weatherproof
  • 10-year guarantee on the post

Good to know: To enable children to score some baskets, we recommend fitting the unit with a height adjustment mechanism. The height of the basket can be set at any height from 260 to 305 cm.
All basketball units are manufactured to the latest CEN standards (European standards). The hoops are screwed directly to the frame so that the backboards are not damaged by high loads.

What are the dimensions of a basketball court? An official, FIBA-approved court is 26-28 m long and 14-15 m wide. The centre circle and the circles around the free-throw line have a diameter of 3.60 m. The free-throw line is 5.80 m from the base line and 4.60 m from the board. The three-point line is 6.25 m, even 6.75 m since 2010, from the centre of the hoop.

Good to know about wheelchair basketball:
Wheelchair basketball is a sport for people with disabilities and a sport that features in the Paralympics. It is played by 2 teams of 5 players. The object is for each team to get the ball into the hoop on the other side whilst preventing the opposing team from scoring baskets. The court is the same as a standard basketball court and the hoop height is also 3.05 m.

This basketball unit is perfect for wheelchair basketball.

Technical Details

1173505: "Outdoor" hoop
Board size
120x90 cm
Area of use
Public areas
Hoop height
305 cm
1173589: "Outdoor" foldable hoop
Board size
120x90 cm
Area of use
Public areas
Hoop height
305 cm


certificate number approved by valid for
0329-PS16-123.1-Z TÜV AUSTRIA 1173505

Safety information

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Sport-Thieme "Fair Play" with Chain Net Basketball Unit

4.89 of 5 Stars: Very good

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Super Ich habe diese Basketballanlage jetzt seit c.a. einem Monat jeden Tag mit mehreren Leuten über Stunden jeden Tag in benutzung und Sie ist wirklich jeden Cent wert. Ich bin mit dem Produkt und der schnellen Zustellung rund um zufrieden.

  • Qualität
  • Design
  • Funktionalität

Bought on: 1 April 2020


Alles super gerne wieder

  • Qualität
  • Design
  • Funktionalität

Bought on: 27 January 2020


Vandalismus-Sicher Ich, als Basketball-Begeisterter, habe schon oft mitbekommen, wie bei Dunkins oder beim Festhalten am Korb, die Konstruktion ihren Geist aufgegeben hat. Dieser Korb allerdings überzeugt mich qualitativ sehr, denn nach 2 Wintern sieht er immer noch wie neu aus und die ganzen Dunkins hat er auch überlebt. Diese Investition für den Schulhof unseres Gymnasiums hat sich auf jeden Fall gelohnt!

  • Qualität
  • Design
  • Funktionalität