Sport-Thieme® Height-Adjustable Basketball Hoop

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Sport-Thieme® Height-Adjustable Basketball Hoop


-Easily removable

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The height-adjustable basketball hoop allows you to freely adjust the hoop height without the need for tools.

  • Consist of height-adjuster, hoop, net and fixing material
  • Removable hoop, meaning that playing time can be controlled
  • Can be directly fixed to the wall – replacing the backboard
  • Can be adjusted to playing heights of between 260 and 305 cm
  • For all age groups
Height-adjustable basketball hoop – easy to use

The height-adjustable element of the basketball hoop is fixed into position using plugs and screws. Then simply adjust the basketball hoop to the desired height, secure with nuts. The height-adjustable basketball hoop is then set up and ready to play. You can also order the basketball backboard 1174120 at the same time as the basketball ladder.

Product information:
  • Height-adjustable hoop made from solid hot-dip galvanised steel, approx. 60 cm long
  • Solid steel basketball basket

The game for all age groups
The height-adjustable basketball hoop allows the height of the hoop to be freely adjusted between 260 and 305 cm. This means that players of all ages can enjoy playing basketball. In addition, playing time can be controlled, simply by removing the basketball hoop from the basketball height-adjustable hoop.

Our recommendation:
Order the height-adjustable basketball set 1174133 and save money! This set includes the basketball height-adjuster and corresponding weatherproof backboard. Don't miss out and order it today!

Height adjustment made easy – with the Sport-Thieme basketball height-adjustable hoop.