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Bonkerball Set

product details
Bonkerball Set
Bonkerball Set
Bonkerball Set
Bonkerball Set
Article no. Price (12-piece set) Delivery date Quantity (12-piece set)
W0-621177709 * € 134.41
Leaves warehouse on Tue. 31.01.

The bonkerball set is ideal for training the basics and as an introduction to baseball.
  • Ideal for PE lessons
  • For safely learning to play baseball
  • Bats correspond to a standard baseball bat in terms of size and weight
  • Balls with minimised bounce and good flight characteristics
  • Bats and balls in 6 colours

Product description

Bonkerball set: for safe games of baseball
The bonkerball set consists of a bat and a no-bounce ball in each of 6 different colours. The bats are covered with high-quality foam and virtually 100% safe to use. The balls boast excellent flight characteristics and are good for hitting with the baseball bat. Due to their minimal bounce, the ball quickly comes to a standstill on the ground after bouncing.

The bonkerball set consists of:
  • 6 bats
  • 6 no-bounce balls

  • Made from high-quality, shockproof foam
  • With plastic handle
  • Length: approx. 69 cm
  • Weight: approx. 325 g

“No bounce” balls:
  • Made from solid, high-density foam
  • Do not bounce
  • Size: ø approx. 9 cm
  • Weight: approx. 40 g
Information about baseball:
General information: Baseball is an American team sport which has 2 teams, each with 9 players. Each team takes a turn in defence and offence. The offence is the batting team and is trying to score runs whilst the team in defence is spread across the field.

Field: The baseball field consists of fair and foul territory and the latter area is most important. The bases are situated in each corner of the infield. The infield is 27.42 m long on each side and is square-shaped. Each corner represents a base: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and the home plate. The outfield is the area within the extended sidelines of the 1st and 3rd base. The distance from the rear edge of the home plate to the centre field should be 121.87 m or more.

Rules: An offence player can only run if they have hit a ball that was thrown by the pitcher into the field. The player must reach a base before the opposing team catches the ball and gets the player “out”. If the player safely reaches a base, the next player takes their position on the home plate and takes their turn at hitting the ball. If the running player gets past all three bases in one run and gets back to the home plate, they have completed a “home run”. The inning ends when each team has played in offence once. The team that gets the most runs in 9 innings is the winner.

Runs: Runs are given when a player gets to a base and are awarded to the offensive team. Each player who runs around the 1st, 2nd, 3rd bases and then to the home plate scores a run. There are no draws in baseball. If both teams have the same number of runs, the game continues until one team gets more runs in an inning than the other.

With this set, children learn the basics of baseball with particularly safe equipment. Order the bonkerball set today.

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Bonkerball Set

4.5 of 5 Stars: Very good

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Hilfreich Zur Einführung von Softball in der Schule nutze ich das Set nahezu ausschliesslich. Bälle und Schläger sind leichter und weicher, sodass das Verletzungsrisiko deutlich reduziert ist als bei Gebrach normaler Base-/Softballsachen. Zudem ist der Balldurchmesser grösser und erleichtert so das Treffen.

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Bought on: 24 November 2021


Schülergerechte Ausführung

  • Qualität
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Bought on: 17 August 2016