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Sport-Thieme "Premium" Badminton Set

product details
Sport-Thieme "Premium" Badminton Set
Article no. Price (Set) Delivery date Quantity (Set)
W0-621172948 * € 276.47
Leaves warehouse on Mon. 04.07.

  • The ideal set for advanced and experienced players
  • Badminton racquet in one-piece design
  • Racquet with a carbon shaft and aluminium head
  • 6 "Shuttle 2000" badminton shuttles

Product description

"Premium" badminton set

The ideal badminton set for experienced players in schools and clubs.

The set includes:
  • 10 "Competition" badminton racquets (2933304)
  • 1 tube of 6 "Shuttle 2000" badminton shuttles, blue (1172847)

Included for free: 1 large storage bag with carrying strap, 1 school sports booklet with many practical exercises (in German) as well as 1 Victor instructional DVD (in German).

Badminton racquet in one-piece design
The set contains 10 racquets in a one-piece design for a controlled and energetic game.

  • Carbon shaft with aluminium head
  • Head shape: isometric
  • Weight: approx. 96 g
  • Balance: approx. 329 mm
  • Stringing: Lawntex, approx. 9 kg

Tube of 6 "Shuttle 2000 Gold" badminton shuttles
Top badminton tournament and match shuttles with excellent flight characteristics – approved by all German state associations.

  • Blue = medium
  • White nylon skirt
  • Base made from high-quality Portuguese cork
  • Practically packed in a protective tube
  • Tournament-quality nylon shuttle
  • Excellent durability

Order the "Premium" badminton school set today and save some money!
Information on badminton:
Badminton is a return game for 2 or 4 players. Badminton places high demands on reflexes, speed and concentration. It requires tactical skill, ability to concentrate and cleverness. Long rallies and no breaks promote well-developed stamina.

Court dimensions and net height:
The badminton court is 13.40 m long and 6.1 m wide. The distance between posts is 6.1 m. The net height should be 1.55 m at the posts and 1.524 m in the middle. The net itself is 76 cm high. The court markings are 4 cm wide lines. In a singles match, the court is only 5.18 m wide. When playing doubles the full court width is used.

In badminton for disabled people, the court size depends on whether wheelchairs are used and what level of disability the players have. The net height for wheelchair badminton is 1.40 m, for standing badminton it is 1.55 m.

Match varieties: In badminton women's singles, women's doubles as well as men's singles and men's doubles can be played. When men and women play together, this is called "mixed".

New scoring (rally points): A badminton match is played "best of three games", each game is played up to 21 points. The points are won regardless of who serves. The side that reaches 21 points first wins the game. If the score becomes 20-all, the first side to gain a two-point lead or reaches 30 points wins that game. A point is added to the score for winning a rally. Whichever side wins a rally is the next side to serve.

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