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Teaching materials

Teaching aids for sports coaches and trainers

Teaching aids make trainers', teachers and coaches' lives easier. You can organise your lessons quickly and explain exercises perfectly using aids such as flipcharts, stationery folders, boards, ground markings and elastic bands. At the Sport-Thieme teaching aids store you will find everything you need for successful training.
Teaching aids: well organised, easily explained
Popular learning materials and teaching aids for schools and clubs are, for example, educational charts. Based on drawings and explanatory texts they show movement sequences and forms of exercise. Teachers and trainers can illustrate their explanations in a clear and compact manner. Students can look at the wall charts during training to see how to perform an exercise correctly. Gymnasium design models are also ideal teaching aids for structuring equipment when planning and explaining sports lessons. Ground markings have proven to be successful for nursery schools and day care centres. They are perfect for creative movement and learning games.
Teaching aids for sports coaches and trainers
Useful teaching aids for sports coaches and trainers are, for example, magnetic boards where team formations and tactics can be explained. In this way you can easily and clearly illustrate strategies in football or handball training. You can take stationery folders and clipboards with you to the sidelines to make important notes for game analysis. You will find all of this and many other useful aids at the Sport-Thieme teaching aids shop.