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Swimming Aids

Swimming aids: pay attention to safety

Learn to swim quickly and easily – learning to swim is guaranteed with Sport-Thieme’s swimming aids. Armbands, kickboards and swim rings – you’ll find a wide range of safe and approved swimming aids in different designs, which are not just for babies and children learning to swim.

Learning to swim made easy
Classic armbands or buoyancy aids, inflatable or made from foam – there are many ways and methods for learning to swim and of course, the right accessories to match. The correct equipment can help beginners and advanced users overcome their fear of the water. A trip to the swimming pool or a beach holiday will be fun for the whole family. From water familiarisation for the youngest babies to the technique class for learning the correct position in the water and breathing technique during adult swimming lessons – learning to swim is no problem with our swimming aids.

Swimming aids: pay attention to safety
Swimming aids must comply with the requirements of European Standard EN 13138. These products are recognisable by the corresponding logo on the swimming aid itself or its packaging. GS (German standardisation) safety certification also offers additional safety. In addition, swimming aids must have at least two separate air chambers or be made from foam. A safety valve is also required. If you follow these instructions when buying, then learning to swim with Sport-Thieme’s swimming aids will be a real joy.

Please notice: don't let your children unguarded in the water!