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Swim Belts

Swim belts: water provides buoyancy

Aqua jogging is a really popular sport. The water’s buoyancy reduces body weight many times over. Pressure on the spine and joints is reduced. Swim belts are also ideal for losing weight. Our top offer: the Sport-Thieme® “Top” water jogging belt is suitable for all aqua fitness classes and thanks to its high back, is ideal for those starting aqua jogging.Discover here our range and buy your swim belt today: sport-thieme.com

Aqua jogging: the joint-friendly alternative
Aqua jogging is the joint-friendly alternative to “onshore” jogging. In Sport-Thieme’s online shop, you’ll find the complete range of swim belts, buoyancy aids and accessories. The water’s buoyancy provides relief to joints and bones and the water also offers significant resistance, thereby building up strength and stamina. As well as general fitness, aqua jogging is also ideal for weight reduction. Lose weight in no time with the various buoyancy aids, jackets and leg floats. Numerous aqua jogging exercises are described in Sport-Thieme’s instruction books and training videos.

Swim belts: fitness and rehabilitation in the water
Originally developed solely for rehabilitation exercises following operations for muscle mass training that is extremely joint-friendly, aqua jogging has nowadays become a really popular sport. Courses and exercise groups are offered at almost all swimming pools. Order the right product from our online shop and then, into the water – you’ll get fit with aqua jogging.