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Beco Power Stick

product details
Beco Power Stick

For coordination and balance exercises

Beco Power Stick
Beco Power Stick
Beco Power Stick
Beco Power Stick
Beco Power Stick
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  • Training device for a complete body workout
  • 75-cm stick with flexible handles
  • Ideal for shallow and deep water
  • Develops coordination and balance

Product description

Training device for a complete body workout.
  • The power stick is 75 cm long
  • Has flexible handles
  • Yellow
  • Ideal coordination and balance exercises in both shallow and deep water
  • Includes exercise instructions.

A strong device.
  • The power stick is an excellent training device for aqua fitness, swimming lessons, therapy and fun.
  • This 75-cm aqua noodle is made of high-quality PE foam with flexible handles on both ends.
  • Combination of buoyancy and flexible resistance makes it unique and versatile
  • The power stick is an all-rounder that can be converted in seconds: e.g. into a kickboard, pull buoy, dumbbell, Nordic walking stick or simply a pool noodle.
  • The power stick can be used in both shallow and deep water.
  • Beginners and advanced users of all ages experience completely new exercises with this aqua fitness device for improving coordination, flexibility, strength, stamina and balance.
  • From swimming lessons to aqua fitness, Nordic walking to aqua yoga – everything is possible with the power stick.

Exercise possibilities:
  • Nordic walking with 2 power sticks.
One loop around the wrist, the other around the ankle, then pull the arm and legs in opposite directions to stretch the power stick.

  • Boxing with 1 power stick
Power stick behind the back and hands in the loops. Punch forwards, alternating between left and right arms.

  • Bat with 1 or 2 power sticks
Starting position: legs closed, 1 leg and 1 hand in each loop, arms at the sides at shoulder height. Movement: open legs and arms crossed in front of the body.
Using aqua fitness equipment in chlorinated and saltwater pools
Foam aqua fitness equipment are specially designed for use in chlorinated and saltwater pools. However, we advise you to rinse the equipment with plain water after use to make it more durable and longer lasting.

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Beco Power Stick

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Bought on: 15 January 2022



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Bought on: 1 October 2019


Beco Power Stick Der Power Stick ist vielseitig einsetzbar . Ich finde dieses Gerät einfach Super .

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Bought on: 6 June 2018