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What is aqua fitness? Why aqua fitness?

Aqua fitness encompasses many different types of exercise in the water, e.g. aqua aerobics and aqua jogging. This can be practised in both shallow and deep water, and is suitable for almost anyone. Training in deep water is often supported by training equipment such as pool noodles or aqua jogging belts. Aqua discs, aqua steps or even aqua bikes are also often used. Aqua fitness is popular particularly among people with joint problems, as the water’s buoyancy makes exercising easy on the joints. Even people who would like to lose weight and haven’t exercised much before are excited by aqua fitness – exercising in the water makes it easier to get into sport.

What is aqua fitness good for?

  • The water’s buoyancy makes this exercise kind to joints and tendons
  • It enhances well-being
  • It strengthens endurance and stimulates metabolism
  • It tones tissue and promotes circulation

How effective is aqua fitness?

Aqua fitness is in fact one of the gentlest training methods; it is nevertheless very efficient. It is ideally suited to fitness training because the exercises are more efficient compared to exercising ‘on land’ thanks to water resistance. A better training effect is therefore achieved, even though training in the water is less strenuous. Reduced force of gravity and the water’s buoyancy make the exercises significantly easier; however, the training effect remains.

What should I wear for aqua fitness?

We recommend a well-fitting swimsuit or bikini that gives you enough freedom of movement and doesn’t slip out of place. Aqua fitness should be fun! For men, we recommend well-fitting, tight swimming trunks.

What equipment is there for aqua fitness?

We have lots of equipment for aqua fitness. If you want to train in deep water, we recommend that you buy an aqua jogging belt. A belt provides additional buoyancy and allows you to carry out the exercises correctly. Classics are pool noodles, which are available for you in our shop in many colours and versions. For effective hand and arm training, we recommend swimming gloves, as well as leg floats for leg training. Sport-Thieme wishes you lots of fun and success in aqua fitness.