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Wheel chair swing

product details
Wheel chair swing
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The wheelchair swing has been designed specifically to cater for the needs of wheelchair users. It thereby fills a gap during break times and leisure time in schools and care homes for people with disabilities for those who, due to their disability, can only use a limited amount of conventional playground equipment or none at all.
  • Wheelchair swing with 4-point suspension
  • Extremely robust steel construction
  • Gentle and safe swinging motion
  • 5-year guarantee on the material and construction
5 Jahre Garantie Rollstuhl geeignet

Product description

This swing will give people in wheelchairs great enjoyment and fun. The swing has been specially developed to serve their needs. It can for instance fill the void in schools and handicapped centres where wheelchair bound people cannot make use of conventional playground equipment. It will introduce some wheelchair bound people to the sensation of swinging for the first time in their lives. Additionally, this swing can be used for therapy e.g. vestibular perception development. Larger people and those who have use of their upper body can work the swing themselves with only a small amount of help. Swing made from 80/4 mm square steel tubing, hinges contain 8 ball bearings. The swing platform is wheelchair friendly including an additional adapter for smaller wheel chairs. 280x250x245 cm, light swing height 237 cm. Requires 500x350 cm. We offer a 5 year guarantee on the material and construction.
Personalised advice from planning to construction
Special designs are required for some types of wheelchair. Our team of specialists are happy to advise you about the options available for your new wheelchair swing at any time via email or telephone.

Includes foundation plans, assembly and maintenance instructions.

Technical Details

Area of use
Nurseries, Public playgrounds
Kind of swing
Swing for wheelchair
Safety area
7.00×5.00 m
Fall protection area
30 m²
Maximum drop height
150 cm
6 years +


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Wheel chair swing

4.34 of 5 Stars: Very good

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Bought on: 25 July 2011