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Agapito Arm Pedal Exerciser

product details
Agapito Arm Pedal Exerciser
Article no. Price (Each) Delivery date Quantity (Each)
W0-623081509 * € 1385.71
Leaves warehouse on Wed. 15.03.

  • Perfect for supporting the cardiovascular system
  • Excellent for communication
  • With easy-running rotating discs
  • Optimal handle distance, ergonomic seating position
  • Certified by TÜV Süd
TÜV Süd Produktion/Sicherheit

Product description

  • Arm movement training
  • Supports the cardiovascular system
  • Optional endurance performance
  • Excellent for communication

  • Easy-running rotating discs
  • Plastic wheel guides
  • Optimal handle distance
  • Ergonomic seating position

Ideal cardiovascular training. Circular motions get the arm bike moving – and both of its users too!

Cycling together is great fun! And the arm bike can go just as quickly backwards as it can forwards. The wheels’ finely tuned resistance gives your entire upper body a workout. Both arms move in sync, just like your feet when riding a bike. The users can also move in opposite directions.

Great for use in competitions. Can also be used for cognitive training, e.g. by counting the revolutions.

The seat and frame are securely attached for increased stability. Sturdy wheel guides guarantee constant, long-lasting fun while you exercise! Each central armrest makes it much easier to sit down on and get up off the bench.
Size: LxWxH: 128x99x94 cm

Technical Details

Area of application
DIN EN 16630
HDPE, Stainless steel, Steel, galvanised
Max. number of users
Assembled dimensions (L×W×H)
128x99x94 cm
Safety area
4.26x3.96 m
Fall protection
17 m²
Maximum drop height
<60 cm
Bark mulch, Bitumen-bound soil, Concrete/Stone, Fall protection panels, Grass, Gravel, Sand, Surface soil, Woodchip
For ages 14+


certificate number approved by valid for
Z1_13_06_45556_37.PDF TÜV SÜD 3081509


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