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Pedalo Wawago

product details
Pedalo Wawago

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Excellent rolling properties
10-year guarantee

Pedalo Wawago
Pedalo Wawago
Pedalo Wawago
Pedalo Wawago
Pedalo Wawago
Pedalo Wawago
Pedalo Wawago
Pedalo Wawago
Pedalo Wawago
Pedalo Wawago
Pedalo Wawago
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The Wawago is a further development of the "Classic" double Pedalo pedal racer. Turning over one of the standing boards changes the position of the standing boards in relation to one another. Stand with your feet parallel or with a walking stance.
  • Variable standing board positioning for numerous new exercises
  • Standing boards change their angle of tilt during movement
  • Mobilises ankles – exercises shin and calf muscles
  • Imitates natural body movements during walking
  • Popular for use in therapy, sport and games
Koordinationstraining - Level 2 5 Jahre Garantie

Product description

The Pedalo "Wawago" pedal racer – more than a double pedal racer
At first glance, the "Wawago" looks similar to the Pedalo "Classic" pedal racer. However, it has eight wheels instead of six. Each of the two standing boards has four wheels connected by just one pair of wheels in the middle. By turning over one of the standing boards, you can change between parallel or walking stance foot positions. Another difference is the mounting of the standing boards to the wheels. As one axle is fixed to the centre of the wheel and the other to the rim, the standing boards tilt during riding – dependent on the standing position the heel or the toes move up and down. In particular, this exercises the shin and calf muscles, mobilises the ankles and encourages circulation in the calves. This effect can be reinforced when in a crouching position. This Pedalo can move forwards or backwards.

Product details for the Pedalo "Wawago" pedal racer:
  • LxWxH: 40x40x22 cm
  • Standing board (LxW): 36x14.5 cm
  • 10 kg
  • Max. load: 150 kg
  • Age recommendation: from 6 years old
  • Difficulty level: medium
  • "Pedalo and Wawago" book available as a free download (available in German only)
  • European patent 0 894 515
The Pedalo pedal racer system
The "Wawago" pedal racer belongs to the Pedalo pedal racer vehicle system for sport, therapy and recreational use. The wheeled sports products are popular with young and old – Pedalo pedal racers never stay still for long in nurseries, schools, therapy centres and at sports festivals. They encourage children to move, play, discover and try out their own skills. This means that the pedal game encourages social interaction and improves balance, coordination and rhythm. In order to guarantee the highest quality from the sport product, Pedalo pedal racer are produced in Germany with great care, from strong wood. A life-long replacement part service facilitates repeat orders and repairs to your Pedalo, and guarantees that your Pedalo will last a long time.

The Pedalo vehicle with variable foot positioning – the Pedalo "Wawago" pedal racer.

Safety information

Not suitable for children under 3 years.

To be used under the direct supervision of an adult.

Protective equipment should be worn. Not to be used in traffic.

Product rating 3

Pedalo Wawago

5 of 5 Stars: Very good

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degelijk product

  • Kwaliteit
  • Design
  • Functionaliteit

Bought on: 22 September 2021


Super koordinatives Übungs-/Spielgerät

  • Qualität
  • Design
  • Funktionalität

Bought on: 8 October 2020


Mit dem Pedalo Wawago lässt sich das Gleichgewicht und die Koordination wunderbar trainieren. Besonders in der Schrittstellung werden zudem die Muskeln der Waden und Oberschenkel gefordert. Ich trainiere täglich während dem Fernsehschauen ca. 30 Minuten und finde das Training auf dem Wawago spannender und abwechslungsreicher wie auf einem Hometrainer. Da ich bereits beim 2. Training vom Wawago gestürzt bin und mich am Knie verletzte, habe ich mir auch noch die Halteseile zugelegt. Um dieses Zubehör bin ich sehr froh und finde es sehr hilfreich. Ich konnte schon etliche weitere Stürze damit verhindern.

  • Qualität
  • Design
  • Funktionalität