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Trampolines for leisure, fitness and competitions

Trampolines for the garden, leisure facilities, fitness training or competitive sports: at Sport-Thieme you will find the complete range. The high-quality sports equipment from manufacturers of well-known brands meets the latest safety requirements. Spare parts for trampolines, such as springs, rubber caps or protective edge covers are also available.

Trampolines for leisure, fitness and competitions
Children are particularly fascinated with jumping on the trampoline. Hopping and bouncing while feeling weightless – that is not only great fun but it also promotes the sense of balance and improves coordination and body control. Jumping on the trampoline also trains muscles while burning lots of calories. That is why trampolines are such popular pieces of equipment for home fitness. In professional sport, trampolining is a competition discipline and since 2000 has also been an Olympic discipline.

Trampolines: the best model for every use
For garden trampolines or trampolines for kids, you have the choice between models on stands and trampolines anchored in the ground. For such ground trampolines, you must dig a pit according to the size of the trampoline. Make sure to pay attention to the recommended safety measures. For example, the protective ring offers protection from dangerous falls. A mini trampoline is ideal for fitness exercises. It does not take up much space and can be set up both indoors and outdoors. Competition trampolines are larger and have particularly robust beds. You can also get replacement parts and accessories for trampolines at Sport-Thieme.