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Throwing & Catching

Throwing & catching: something special for childr

Throwing and catching is the basis for many varied leisure games and exciting team sports. Alone, in pairs, or in a group: children can have hours of fun with a ball or throwing disc. Find a wide range of different throwing products for all age groups to make sure boredom doesn’t set in.

Promotes children’s development
Throwing and catching are basic motor skills that children learn from around the age of three. These skills are further trained and improved in nursery, at school and in leisure games. Practising throwing and catching is a key part of PE lessons and important for child development. It not only promotes hand-eye coordination, but also strengthens self-confidence. Anyone who can handle the ball well is popular in the group and picked first for the team during team games. A good throwing technique is also the basis for team sports such as handball or basketball.

Balls, throwing discs, tennis rings and more
Balls made from soft, good-grip materials, which sit well in the hand, are suitable for beginners to practise throwing and catching. Beanbags are also a good option to familiarise yourself with the motion sequence. Products in bright colours and funny shapes are even more fun and encourage a variety of leisure games. You can choose from a wide range of balls, throwing discs and tennis rings. For throwing training with advanced athletes, you will also find competition-standard balls for all sports, for which throwing and catching are important, at Sport-Thieme.