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Racquet games

Racquet games: playing fun for all ages

Racquet games for leisure time and for PE lessons. It’s easy and affordable to order Sport-Thieme’s racquet games for PE or for fun at home. There’s a huge range of racquet games: from junior tennis and badminton to quickball and shuttleball.

Racquet games: playing fun for all ages
Racquet games are just as much fun for adults as they are for children and teenagers. You don’t have to learn a particular technique, just a little bit of practice and you are ready for an energetic game. But racquet games aren’t just suitable for groups. It’s also worth packing at least one racquet game in your holiday suitcase. Beachball or badminton are welcome distractions from lazing around on the beach.

Lots of different types of racquet games
You can find lots of different racquet games at Sport-Thieme that you might not be familiar with. Have you ever played Indiaca? This game has its roots in South America and is steadily gaining in popularity. Like volleyball, Indiaca is played in teams and the shuttlecock is hit over the net with the palm of the hand. Nowadays, this racquet game is even played as an organised competition sport. Of course, the Indiaca tournament shuttlecock is also available from Sport-Thieme. Discover the huge range on offer: you’ll find racquet games for children and adults of all ages.