Sport-Thieme® Playground Set

Fun and movement for break time

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Sport-Thieme® Playground Set

Rollable carrying bag with 25 pieces

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The Sport-Thieme playground set contains everything you need for an active break: a choice of racquet sports, throwing and catching games and games of skill get kids moving and having fun.

  • For an active breaktime
  • With well known games
  • Incl. practical storage bag
The Sport-Thieme playground set for fun movement and games
Promote active break times in schools with the Sport-Thieme playground set. The collection provides lots of joy while playing, moving and doing activities. The games have a highly stimulative nature and don't sit unused for long. The whole set is supplied in a practical, high-quality sports bag.

Set Sport-Thieme® Playground Set
Article Price per unit
Schildkröt® Neoprene Velcro Ball Set 1x Set Schildkröt® Neoprene Velcro Ball Set € 14.95
Shuttle Ball 1x Set Shuttle Ball € 34.95
Uhlsport® 1x Each Uhlsport® "Basic Line" Team Bag € 39.95
Disc Boccia 1x Each Disc Boccia € 26.95
1x Each "Rolling" Coordination Trainer € 13.95
Indiaca® Tennis 2x Set Indiaca® Tennis € 59.90
Scoop Game 2x Set Scoop Game € 21.90
Consoles 2x Pair Consoles € 30.00
Sport-Thieme® 2x Each Sport-Thieme® "Flying-Flipper" Throwing Disc € 11.90
140-cm Stilts 2x Pair 140-cm Stilts € 49.90
Sport-Thieme® Catch Ball 2x Each Sport-Thieme® Catch Ball € 37.90
Smash Ball 2x Set Smash Ball € 35.90
Sport-Thieme® Speed Rope 3x Each Sport-Thieme® Speed Rope Red, approx. 2.13 m / from 1.38 m € 16.80
Sport-Thieme® Speed Rope 3x Each Sport-Thieme® Speed Rope Blue, approx. 2.43 m / from 1.58 m € 16.80
Sport-Thieme® Soft Foam Fun Ball 3x Each Sport-Thieme® Soft Foam Fun Ball ø 200 mm/160 g € 35.85
Grand total: € 447.60
You save: € 88.60
Set: € 359.00

The Sport-Thieme playground set gets you students moving
The idea of "active breaks" goes back to Holger Laurisch from Hamburg. Children frequently suffer from a lack of exercise and tend to be overweight. School sport on its own is not enough. With the "active breaks" children participate in games and movement which animate and instil joy. The children can relax, which leads to increased ability and concentration. The idea is gaining support and Sport-Thieme also supports it.

Order the Sport-Thieme playground set online from Sport-Thieme.

Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Contains individual parts that may be swallowed. Danger of suffocation.

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Sport-Thieme® Playground Set

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Sehr gute Zusammenstellung Wir benutzen das Pausenhof-Set seit einigen Wochen. Sehr gute Zusammenstellung: Für Kinder der 1. bis zur 4. Klasse geeignete Spielmaterialien dabei. Wir können es empfehlen.

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Bought on: 20 May 2016


Gut Es sind viele schöne Spiele dabei. Die Stelzen sind sehr schwer für Grundschulkinder.

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