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Juggling: accessories for beginners and professionals

Juggling is fun! Balls, clubs, scarves, rings, diabolos and more for juggling can be found at Sport-Thieme online. The extensive juggling shop offers a wide range of juggling accessories for beginners and advanced users, including products for children. Juggling is great for leisure-time fun – alone or in a group.

Juggling: accessories for young and old
Both kids and adults are equally fascinated by juggling. When artists and street acrobats elaborately throw clubs, plates or rings into the air and diabolos shoot upwards, everyone looks on in amazement. They then want to try it themselves. Children and young people train their sense of balance, as well as their ability to concentrate and their responsiveness when juggling. Juggling also has a meditative and relaxing effect on adults.

Juggling scarves, balls and other products
Anyone can learn to juggle. Juggling scarves, which are available in different sizes, are an easy introduction to juggling. They float slowly through the air, giving you enough time to concentrate on their motion sequence. For group juggling with kids, colourful juggling scarves are a beautiful sight that require very little effort. Good-grip, practical juggling balls, which are easy to take with you anywhere, are ideal for advanced practice. Juggling with clubs or plates requires a bit more skill. You can learn ingenious tricks when juggling with diabolos.