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Darts and darts accessories for competitions and training

Darts is a popular game of skill, where throwing skills, accuracy and the ability to concentrate are key. For professional darts clubs, leisure centres, catering establishments or at home: at Sport-Thieme, you will find high-quality dartboards and branded darts as well as appropriate darts accessories for competitions and training.

Improve your darts score: bullseye, triple 20 etc.
As darts is a precision sport, darts players compete when it comes to accuracy and throwing skills. Each player has three darts and tries to throw them as accurately as possible at certain areas of the dartboard. Games like 301, 501 or cricket require regular training. Improve your darts score through various practice games, e.g. throw the darts into the same ring or at a particular number for several games in a row. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or leisurely player, find the right equipment in our online darts shop. Order now from Sport-Thieme.

Darts: from a pub game to precision sport
Did you know that darts originates from Great Britain? The first competitions were held here at the beginning of the 20th century. Nowadays, darts machines are also major attractions in leisure and youth centres on the continent and more than just a pub sport. Darts is now a famous precision sport with national and international competitions at the highest level. Sport-Thieme offers you a wide selection of darts equipment: dart points, flights, darts or dartboards. Get equipped now and let the darts fly! Whether for an open tournament or training: browse Sport-Thieme’s online shop now for suitable offers and information relating to popular darts brands.