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Billiards. Everything for the precision sport

You can get everything that you need in Sport-Thieme’s online billiards shop: high-quality pool tables for indoor and outdoor use, pool cues, pools balls and the right billiard accessories. Billiards is a precision sport, which guarantees long-lasting playing fun –regardless of age. Beginners can quickly get going with their first shots, professionals can put on sophisticated matches.

Win with brains
Who will be the first to pocket all of their balls? Pool is extremely engaging and equally popular amongst old and young players. Even children are keen to prove their capabilities with cues and balls. They then quickly realise that it is not just about skill, but also about brains. You will only win if you can correctly work out the angle of reflection, the angle of incidence and shortest-possible distance. Around 35 different types of billiard games are now in existence. The most popular are pool, snooker and carom billiards.

Pool tables, pool cues and accessories
You can order billiard accessories and Pool tables easily from Sport-Thieme’s online shop. We have put together everything that you need to make a successful start. Depending on the area of use, you have the choice of different table models for indoors or outdoors. We also offer different designs of pool cues – either made from wood or unbreakable fibreglass. Replacement balls, billiard chalk, cloths or screw leather cue tips can be found in the billiard accessories section.