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Trampoline Bed for Minitramps

product details
Trampoline Bed for Minitramps For 112x112 cm Minitramp
Version Price ( Each ) Delivery date Quantity ( Each )
Trampoline Bed for Minitramps For 112x112 cm Minitramp For 112x112 cm Minitramp W0-621227808 * € 268.07
Leaves warehouse on Fri. 24.06.
Trampoline Bed for Minitramps For 125x125 cm Minitramp For 125x125 cm Minitramp W0-621227811 * € 284.87
Leaves warehouse on Thu. 02.06.

  • Made entirely of Perlon
  • With integrated trampoline bed
  • Complete with rings for attaching
  • For 60x60 cm or 70x70 cm

Product description

Trampoline Bed for Minitramps with frame entirely covered by padding
  • Made entirely of Perlon
  • Frame entirely covered by padding.
  • Complete with rings for hanging

  • 60x60 cm - For Minitramps 112x112 cm
  • 70x70 cm - For Minitramps 125x125 cm

Product rating
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