"Super" Minitramp

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"Super" Minitramp

Trampoline bed with integrated frame padding

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The "Super" minitramp is a robust trampoline in a closed frame construction. It impresses with its stability and versatility.

  • Versatile: for schools, clubs and therapy
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Trampoline with integrated all-round padding
  • Individually adjustable, thanks to patented angle support
  • Very stable
The "Super" minitramp: the minitramp suitable for indoor use
The "Super" minitramp has many uses in schools, therapy and even in popular sports. The frame and feet are made from galvanised special steel. The high-quality trampoline bed has shock-absorbing all-round padding. Four mounted rubber plates protect the floor. The angle and height of the feet are quick and easy to adjust using the patented angle support. The height can be adjusted from 30-40 cm at the front and 43-55 cm at the back.

Product information:
  • Frame outer dimensions (LxW): 113x113 cm
  • Trampoline bed (LxW0: 60x60 cm, double perlon
  • Frame and feet made from galvanised special tubing
  • With shock-absorbing, robust all-round frame padding
  • 4 mounted rubber plates
  • Patented angle support for seamless adjustment
  • With safety hologram
  • Weight: 30 kg
  • Can hold up to 90 kg

Trampoline bed with frame entirely covered by padding.
The trampoline bed is made from high-quality double perlon. The frame is entirely covered with padding and it is fully integrated with the trampoline bed, i.e. the trampoline bed and frame padding is firmly sewn together. Preventing the padding from moving and the feet from sliding between the jumping mat and the padding. The trampoline bed is tensioned with bungee cords (approx. 190-cm long). The maximum immersion depth at the front is from 24 to 32 cm and from 34.4 to 44 cm at the rear.

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"Super" Minitramp

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Ein robustes Gerät, stabile gute Ausführung, lediglich die Sprungleistung lässt etwas zu wünschen übrig.

Bought on: 1 December 2007