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Skipping Ropes

Skipping ropes for different uses

At Sport-Thieme, we have a wide range of skipping ropes for different uses – made from natural or synthetic fibres in many different colours and lengths. Skipping ropes allow effective fitness training with little effort. The ropes are extremely effective for all-round physical fitness, as almost all the muscles in the body are used when skipping. Ropes are also popular aids in gymnastics and dance.

Skipping ropes for fitness & gymnastics
Skipping is a cheap and easy way to keep fit with very little effort. It’s great for co-ordination and it burns fat. You can go skipping everywhere and at any time – whether indoors or outdoors – the ropes are compact and easy to carry. Skipping is great as a warm up exercise to other sports. Skipping ropes are used extensively in rhythmic gymnastics and in dance for elaborate choreography.

Skipping ropes: different designs
Skipping ropes are available in many different versions. Braided gym ropes are used for rhythmic gymnastics, meeting international competition standards. Speed-ropes are very effective for fitness training. These are made from elastic PVC tape and allow a particularly fast swing with very little effort. Beaded ropes are a new kind of skipping rope: these contain threaded plastic, making the rope heavier and slower in the air, producing rhythmic sounds upon impact on the ground. These beaded skipping ropes are especially popular in acrobatic exercises and shows.