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Cube Sports "Adventure Set III" Parkour Set

product details
Cube Sports "Adventure Set III" Parkour Set
Cube Sports "Adventure Set III" Parkour Set
Cube Sports "Adventure Set III" Parkour Set
Cube Sports "Adventure Set III" Parkour Set
Cube Sports "Adventure Set III" Parkour Set
Cube Sports "Adventure Set III" Parkour Set
Cube Sports "Adventure Set III" Parkour Set
Cube Sports "Adventure Set III" Parkour Set
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Leaves warehouse on Mon. 22.11.

The Cube Sports "Adventure Set III" parkour set is ideal for schools and clubs. It combines a classic piece of sports equipment with the trend sport of free running. Discover the versatility that this parkour set has to offer.
  • Produced in compliance with DIN 913
  • For indoor use only
  • Modules can be continually expanded
  • Highly engaging
  • Easy to set up and put away

Product description

The Cube Sports “Adventure Set III” parkour set – great fun!
The Cube Sports parkour sets involve a new system of plug-in elements, all of which can be set up in next to no time and can be expanded any way you like. No matter whether you want to climb, jump or move hand over hand, you can do it all thanks to the sturdy modules. Children and teenagers stand up to the challenge and discover more and more ways to climb and conquer the apparatus.

Product information:
  • Cubes, walls and slopes made from birch plywood
  • Beams made from solid glue-laminated wood
  • Secure attachment thanks to spring bolt system
  • Easy to handle thanks to castors
Cube Sports "Adventure Set III" parkour set – explore a new obstacle course every time
The cubes and walls are the key elements in this set. Contains various openings for inserting all kinds of beams, bars and more. The wall bar bracket also allows you to integrate existing wall bars into your Cube Sports "Adventure Set III" parkour set, providing endless new challenges for all ages.

  • 2 small cubes (LxWxH: 100x100x160 cm, area: 125x125x160 cm, 168 kg)
  • 1 wall bar bracket (LxWxH: 200x95x8 cm, area: 200x95x8 cm, 38 kg)
  • 1 climbing hold set (10 pieces, approx. 3 kg)
  • 1 beam (LxWxH: 300x10x10 cm, area: 310x10x10 cm, 12 kg)
  • 1 rope (LxW: 300x3 cm, area: 400x300x150 cm, 4 kg)
  • 2 multi-adapters (LxWxH: 95x16x18 cm, area: 95x16x18 cm, 6 kg)
  • 1 slide (LxWxH: 250x35x12 cm, area: 250x35x12 cm, 16.5 kg)
  • 1 climbing net (LxWxH: 250x100x18 cm, area: 250x100x18 cm, 18 kg)
  • 2 steel bars ø 3.37 cm (L: 200 cm, area: 210x10x15 cm, 7 kg)

Our top tip:
The versatile booster board is perfect for use as a springboard for indoor parkour and free running as, unlike with the minitramp, it is possible to jump on it on one leg. Don’t forget to order your booster board separately!

Important information:
The wall bar bracket in this set is made specifically to fit your wall bars. Simply let us know the DIN standard of your bars and whether they are round or oval.
Unsure of the DIN standard? Then please let us know the dimensions (LxWxH), the distance between the bars, the shape of them (round or oval) and roughly how old they are.

Build your own creative and fun exercise course. Give it a try – order your Cube Sports "Adventure Set III" parkour set today.