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Sport-Thieme Soft Landing Mats

For indoor and outdoor use

product details
Sport-Thieme Soft Landing Mats 2x 200x250x40 cm

With joint cover
2 individual mats with covers
Simple transport

Sizes Price ( Set of 2 ) Delivery date Quantity ( Set of 2 )
Sport-Thieme Soft Landing Mats 2x 200x250x40 cm 2x 200x250x40 cm W0-621251409 * € 2015.97
Leaves warehouse on Wed. 01.03.23
Sport-Thieme Soft Landing Mats 2x 200x250x50 cm 2x 200x250x50 cm W0-621251500 * € 2352.10
Leaves warehouse on Wed. 01.03.23
Sport-Thieme Soft Landing Mats 2x 200x250x60 cm 2x 200x250x60 cm W0-621251601 * € 2520.17
Leaves warehouse on Wed. 01.03.23
Accessories W0-621251409 (2x 200x250x40 cm) W0-621251500 (2x 200x250x50 cm) W0-621251601 (2x 200x250x60 cm)

The soft landing mat is perfectly suited to use as an indoor high jump mat.
  • With joint cover for compact connection
  • Perfect for transporting and storing
  • Incl. 4 carrying loops

Product description

The Sport-Thieme soft landing mat: easy to transport
Each Sport-Theme soft landing mat consists of two 18-kg/m³ foam blocks including cover, which can be used independently of each other or combined together. The soft landing mat has a textured, slip-resistant base. Due to its four carrying loops, the mat is easy to transport and store, while the joint-cover flaps mean that the individual elements can be seamlessly joined. For use outdoors, the training mat can be protected with a spike-proof mat (not included).

Product information:
  • Material, surface: canvas (100% Polyester), lightly grained
  • With woven inlay (100% Polyester)
  • Material, underside: nubbed, slip-resistant gymnastics mat material (100% Polyester)
  • Dimensions: 2x 200×250×40 cm, 2x 200×250×50 cm, or 2x 200×250×60 cm
  • Colour: blue (other colours available upon request)
  • Ventilation holes on three sides, one zip
  • High jump uprights not included

One mat is made of:
  • Two 18-kg/m³ polyether foam blocks, 200×250 cm, each with an all-round cover
The soft landing mats specifically for the high jump – order you soft landing mats now.

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