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Gym and Swing Set for Gymnastics Halls

A must-have in all gymnastics halls!

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Gym and Swing Set for Gymnastics Halls
Gym and Swing Set for Gymnastics Halls
Gym and Swing Set for Gymnastics Halls
Gym and Swing Set for Gymnastics Halls
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* € 299.00
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The gym and swing set is the ideal piece of equipment in every sports halls.

  • Suitable for use in schools and club sport
  • Ideal for professional use in sports halls
  • Complete with plywood rings and chain
The gym and swing set: the complete set for your sports hall
The set is ideal for professional use in school and club sport. The total length of the hemp rope is the distance from the plywood rings to the end of the suspension chain. Therefore, the length of the entire area of movement above the castors on the ceiling to the suspension hook on the wall. The height is individually adjustable using the eight-link adjustment. Safety tip: according to DIN regulations, the minimum distance to another piece of equipment must be at least 1.5 m.

Product information:
  • Plywood rings (in natural colours), 28 mm thick, ø 24 cm
  • Incl. 2 long hemp ropes, 9.50 or 10 m long, ø approx. 16 mm
  • With 2 WV weights, 630 g each
  • Chain: approx. 2 m long
  • Individual height adjustment using eight-link adjustment
  • Can hold max. of 160 kg
  • Can be delivered in different lengths on request

We will help you!
Are you looking for gym and swing sets in different lengths? Just tell us. We are happy to send you a personalised order.

Order online now and equip your sports hall – with the gym and swing set for gymnastics halls

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