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Spieth "Fiberflex" Fibreglass Uneven Bar

Robust replacement rail for Spieth uneven bars

product details
Spieth "Fiberflex" Fibreglass Uneven Bar "Fibreflex" club
Version Price ( Each ) Delivery date Quantity ( Each )
Spieth "Fiberflex" Fibreglass Uneven Bar "Fibreflex" club "Fibreflex" club W0-623308918 * € 777.31
Leaves warehouse on Tue. 20.06.

The Spieth "Fiberflex" is a robust replacement rail made of fibreglass for uneven bars. There are two models to choose from: the rail for competitions and the rail for training.
  • Natural fibre veneer for excellent grip
  • Requires less chalk
  • Reduced preparation time
  • Easy to clean – can be wiped clean with water

Product description

The Spieth "Fiberflex" fibreglass rail – an innovative replacement rail for your uneven bars
The Spieth "Fiberflex" fibreglass rail features a new, hard-wearing natural fibre veneer. Due to the non-slip material, the gymnasts need less chalk, and preparation time for the rails is on average shorter. The rail is low-maintenance and can quickly and easily be wiped clean with water.

The "Fiberflex Pro" fibreglass rail
  • Replacement rail for Spieth "Munich" uneven bars
  • Suitable for competition use

The "Fiberflex Club" fibreglass rail
  • Replacement rail for the Spieth "Club" series, including the "Club" and "Kombi" uneven bars, as well as the "Club" practice high bar and "Club" methodical high bar
  • Suitable for training

Product information
  • Length: 240 cm
  • Diameter: 4 cm
  • Weight, "Fiberflex Pro": 9 kg
  • Weight, "Fiberflex Club": 4 kg
  • Colour: natural wood / grey
Are you looking for a suitable and robust replacement rail for your uneven bars? Then the Spieth "Fiberflex" fibreglass rail is what you need. Order it now!

Delivery information

  • The goods will be delivered to the kerbside only.
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